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GC-1006DG Intercom remote control for 6 subscribers

Art.: GC-1006DG

GC-1006DG Intercom remote control for 6 subscribers

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The GC-1006 DG communication console is designed for organizing communication with 6 subscribers via two-wire lines with GC-2001B1 and GC-2001P4 intercoms used as subscriber loudspeakers, as well as for receiving calls from the GC-0422B1 and GC-0423B1 call buttons via the GC-0611W2 signal lamp. In addition, the remote control receives calls from the MP-413W6, MP-413W7 and MP-413W8 radio buttons via the corresponding outputs of the 4-channel MP-821W2 receivers.


In addition to working on the speakerphone, on the GC-1006DG remote control, you can negotiate through the GC-0001T1 handset. The handset may be needed in cases where there are strangers nearby, or if the remote control is installed in a noisy room and it is difficult to use the speakerphone.


On the upper surface of the remote control there are subscriber selection buttons, the "PRIV" operating mode button, the "CALL" general call/reset button, a loudspeaker, microphone, LED indicators of subscribers. There is a power connector on the back panel of the remote control. On the right side of the remote control there are call volume and speaker volume controls and a connector for connecting an external microphone. A microphone is installed in this connector on a flexible stand with a length of 17 cm.


There is a hole on the underside of the remote control through which the microphone sensitivity is adjusted.


To power the GC-1006DG remote control, a 24V power supply is used, which is included in the remote control package.


Main features of the GC-1006DG remote control: ZAA23850Z3


  • the maximum number of connected subscriber devices is 6;
  • the maximum number of subscriber devices (per line) is 1;
  • the maximum number of connected signal lamps is 12 (up to 2 per line);
  • hands-free half-duplex mode (automatic half-duplex);
  • connection of optional subscriber devices in any set (GC-4017 and GC-2001, GC 5002T1 series, GC-0422B1 and GC-0423B1 call buttons and GC-0421B1 reset buttons (via GC-0611W2 signal lamps));
  • checking the integrity of the subscriber line;
  • sending a tone call to subscriber devices;
  • receiving a call from a subscriber device;
  • selective conference call;
  • the output power in the loudspeaker mode is not more than 500 MW;
  • 24 V power supply (from 220V mains via adapter, included in the remote control package);
  • current consumption not more than 0.24 A;
  • power consumption not more than 6 VA;
  • sound level not less than 85 Db;
  • the maximum removal of subscriber handsfree devices, GC-5002 and GC-5003 series handsets and call and reset buttons is up to 1000 m (when installing lines with UTP2x0.5 5cat cable, the core resistance is 96 ohms/km.);
  • maximum removal of GC-0611W2 and W3 signal lamps when installed with UTP cable 2x0.5 5cat., core resistance 96 ohms/km – 1,200 m;
  • table-wall mount;
  • dimensions - 180x165x25/40mm;
  • weight including the power supply unit - 0.7 kg;
  • service life – at least 5 years.



The scope of delivery includes:


  • remote control - 1 pc;
  • remote microphone - 1 pc;
  • socket GC-0009U1- 1 piece;
  • adapter (DC 24V)-1 pc.;
  • patch cord, 2.5m -1 pc;
  • passport - 1 pc.


The equipment is certified.

This equipment is guaranteed for 60 months from the date of sale

Made in Russia.

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