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GC-1036F6 Voice communication console for 36 subscribers

Art.: GC-1036F6

GC-1036F6 Voice communication console for 36 subscribers

Price: 165 230.00 RUB.
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Communication consoles of the GC-1036F6 series are designed to work as part of the GetCall-IS ward alarm system. The remote control provides the display of incoming calls from patients and the implementation of negotiations with patients both in the telephone mode and the speakerphone.


The GC-1036F6 can be connected to the remote control:


- subscriber device in stainless steel housing GC-2001B1;

- subscriber device in vandal-proof housing GC-2001P4;

- subscriber device in a plastic case GC-2001W3;

- Signal LAMP GC-0611W2;



The GC-1036F series remotes are powered from a mains voltage of 220V, but at the same time it is possible to use an uninterruptible power supply of 24V/2A.


The remote control has a light gray plastic case. On the upper surface of the remote control are:


  • Handset
  • Remote control power indicator
  • Remote control power switch ON/OFF
  • Microphone
  • Indicator of the pressed BUSY key
  • The "RESET" key LOCK
  • VOICE reception volume control
  • Call volume control TONE
  • Speaker
  • Caller Call indicator
  • Subscriber selection keys


The GC-1036F6 series remote control provides:


  • receiving calls via 36 two-wire lines from intercoms or signal lamps GC-0611W2 (GC-0611W3);
  • light and acoustic indication of the received call;
  • speakerphone and telephone communication with callers;
  • selective conference call with a part of subscribers;
  • resetting calls;
  • MP-811 S1 transmitter control for radio signals to MP801H 2 radio pagers;
  • the ability to connect a conversation recording system to a SpRecord personal computer.


The equipment is certified.

This equipment is guaranteed for 60 months from the date of sale

Made in Russia.

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