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GC-0611W4 signal lamp
GC-0611W4 signal lamp

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The GC-0611W4 signal lamp provides an indication of a call from the GC-2001P4, GC-2001B1 intercoms and the GC-0422B1 call buttons in flashing red. The light indication can be duplicated by an intermittent monotone sound signal. The use of signal lamps allows you to implement the function of duplicating a call. The warning lamp has a 2-color indication (flashing red when calling and flashing green when communication is established between the remote control and the subscriber device).


Technical specifications:

Light source 4 two-color LEDs (red and green glow)
Luminance (not less than) 1500 µl
Sound level (at least) 55 dB
Power supply 12V±2 V ±10%
Current consumption when switching on the same color and sound (no more than) 90mA
Distance from the remote control 1000 m
Constructive wall mounting
Overall dimensions 122х92х72mm
Weight (including packaging) 0.35 kg
Operating mode - around the clock, indoors at a temperature from +5 ° C to +45 °C and humidity
not more than 80% at normal atmospheric pressure

Service life, at least 5 years




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