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MP-522W1 Subscriber intercom system
MP-522W1 Subscriber intercom system

Price: 6 360.00 RUB.
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The MP-522W1 hands-free intercom is designed for calling the patient's staff and conducting negotiations with them in the hands-free half-duplex mode, as well as for communicating the department staff (up to 6 subscribers) with the nurse's post. The product is designed to work as part of the equipment of the "HostCall-CMP" personnel call system.

Technical specifications

The MP-522W1 intercom has the following technical characteristics:

Hands-free half-duplex mode +
Supply voltage, V ±12 ±10%
Current consumption in standby mode, mA 10
Current consumption in active peak mode, mA 90
Operating temperature range, °C +5÷45
Dimensions, mm 165х101х29
Weight, g 150
Service life, not less than 5 years old


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