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Price: 8 700.00 RUB.
MP-331W1 Ward console with doctor presence/reset and call buttons

Installed in the ward next to the entrance door and has the following functions:

Status monitoring and indication of: MP-432W1 and MP435W2 call buttons, MP-433W1 bathroom call buttons, MP-522W1 intercom systems,

Transmitting signals and commands to the nurses' station via the RS-485 interface,

Controlling the light intensity of MP-611W1 corridor lamps.

Doctor call, presence and reset buttons are positioned in the center of the front panel.

Wall mounted (vertical or horizontal).

Dimensions 165х101х29 mm.

Price: 6 360.00 RUB.
MP-522W1 Subscriber intercom system

Installed next to a patient's bed and in a bathroom. Can be used for communication between the nurses' stations and the administrative staff of the medical unit as well as a speaker phone at the entrance doors.

Connects to an MP-331W1 ward console.

An MP-432W1 remote digital call button can also be connected for use by bedridden patients.

Wall mounted (vertical or horizontal).

Dimensions 165х101х29 mm.

Price: 3 180.00 RUB.
ML-194 Electromagnetic lock
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