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MP-231W2 System controller
MP-231W2 System controller

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The MP-231W2 system controller is designed to work as part of the equipment in the personnel call system «HostCall-CMP».
The MP-231W2 system controller provides:
- operation control of the MP-811S1 radio transmitter (for MP801H 2 radio pagers, nurses and doctors) based on data received over the RS-485 bus;
- possibility of offline programming of radio pagers MP-801H2.
The MP-231W2 system controller is connected to the power line and the RS-485 trunk interface.

Technical specifications

The MP-231W2 system controller has the following technical characteristics:

Supply voltage, V ±12 ±10%
Current consumption:  
in standby mode when exchanging via RS-485 with the remote control, mA 60
peak when the radio transmitter is turned on, mA 120
Mode of operation around the clock
Operating temperature range, °C +5÷45
Relative humidity, % no more than 80
Atmospheric pressure, mmHg from 650 to 800
Constructive wall mounted overhead mount
Dimensions, mm 165х101х29
Weight, g 150
Service life at least 5 years
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