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MP-412W1 Wireless call buttons
MP-412W1 Wireless call buttons

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The MP-412W1 call radio button is designed to work as part of various personnel call systems (hospital systems, personnel call systems for the disabled, etc.) and serves to send a call via a radio channel to the MP-821W1, MP-821W2 radios and a radio controller (with a built-in corridor lamp).

The call is made by pressing the membrane key on the front panel of the radio button. On the front panel of the radio button there is an LED that provides an indication of the sending of a call and the discharge of the battery. The call is duplicated by a backlight built into the button body and an audible signal.

The MP-412W1 call radio button has a user-programmable code message (OOC modulation) and is designed to work with receivers and repeaters that support this type of encoding (see the receiver manual).

Technical specifications

Number of channels 1
Radio frequency, MHz 433
Signal output power, W 0,1
The duration of the battery life, months. (average) 4
Range, m 20
Battery voltage, V 12 (1 element 23A 12V)
System number range from 1 to 32
The range of rooms of the chamber (premises) from 1 to 32
Radio Adapter number range from 1 to 32
Dimensions, mm 80х108х34
Operating temperature, °C at a humidity of not more than 80% at normal atmospheric pressure from +5 to +45
Service life, not less than 5 years old


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