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MP-731W1 Board of calls
MP-731W1 Board of calls

Price: 23 350.00 RUB.
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The display board MP-731W1 (hereinafter referred to as the display board) is designed to duplicate calls received at the remote control of the on-duty personnel. In this case, the light and sound indication is carried out with the accuracy of the chamber. The display is removed by pressing the presence/reset button in the corresponding ward. The product is designed to work as part of the "HostCall-CMP" equipment set.

The MP-731W1 display board can be used in two modes: "Additional tableau" (set by default) and "Doctor's tableau". When installing the display board at the end of the digital line, jumpers must be installed (by default, they are set to one pin). When the RS-485 bus breaks, the LED on the front panel of the display board starts blinking red. The distance from the display board to the power supply must not exceed 5 m.

Technical specifications:

Supply voltage, V ±12 ±10%
Current consumption, A not more than 0,2
Power consumption, W not more than 2,4
Sound level, Db not more than 60
Interface RS-485 (500 m, 9600 bit/s)
Number of control zones 24
Three-color LED light indication (red, green, blue)  
Acoustic display +
Resetting the acoustic display +
Mode of operation around the clock
Operating temperature range, °C +5÷45
Relative humidity, % no more than 80
Atmospheric pressure, mmHg from 650 to 800
Constructive wall mount
Dimensions, mm 265х100х30
Weight, g 150
Service life at least 5 years


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